My family’s weekend schedule is booked through June and July. My husband and I affectionately call this time of year “Wedding Season.” Let’s be honest here, we generally are not overly creative with our gifts. If the present is for my husband’s buddy, he insists on buying a gift card from a ‘man store’ (think: Best Buy, Home Depot, Low’s etc) because according to him “the Bride receives a million gifts at the bridal shower.” <insert sigh here> Okay. I suppose I am not much better, usually I search for left over registry items and call it a day.

Which begs the question: Aren’t gifts suppose to come from our hearts? Even my cat, Ginny puts more thought into her occasional faux mouse presents she leaves at the foot of our bed.  After thumbing through the website, I derived inspiration on two fronts. The first one ended up being this blog. The second is a list of thoughtful gifts from for a special  Bride and Groom.

1. Celtic Tree Engraved Plaque

Celtic Tree Engraved Plaque

The symbolism of the tree and the ability to personalize this plaque with the newly wed’s family name makes this a great gift.

2. Grow Old With Me Sundial Brass

Grow Old With Me

On the sundial is a quote from Robert Browning’s beautiful poem “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” This polished brass sundial has a knot work design and a beautiful Irish centerpiece, which symbolizes everlasting love.

3. Kiss by Gustav Klimt Art Glass Panel on Wood Display Base

Gustav Klimt Kiss Glass Framed Replica

The powerful bond between man and woman is eloquently illustrated by the renowned 20th-century artist, in this stunning sculpture rendition of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

4. Wedding Rings Statue By Peter Lipman-Wulf

Wedding Rings Statue By Peter Lipman-Wulf

Sculpted by an American Contemporary artist Peter Lipman-Wulf. His wife came up with the name of this sculpture “Wedding Rings.” At the time of their wedding they could not afford to give each other wedding rings. The statue’s popularity took off from there. This statue represents there is more to marriage then the traditional physical wedding ring.

5. Embrace a Lovers Sculpture

Embrace A Lovers Sculputre

This sculpture captures the precise moment when there is no turning back from lovers passion. Named Embrace, this amazing sculpture features magnetic draw the eye across every precisely rendered contemporary curve in this gallery-quality, art grade plaster work set apart by a hand finish of Ash. Truly celebrates love’s longing.

Hope you enjoyed the list! ~ Kristen

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