Grande Lascala Fountain

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is quickly approaching that time of year again. It is time to start thinking about fountain and statue care when the temperatures take a dive. I know this is hard to believe with temperatures currently in the 90’s. However, autumn and winter will be knocking on our door. It is always good to have a game-plan for protecting beautiful statuary and fountains so you may enjoy them year after year. Luckily, if the statue or fountain is approved for outdoor use there are only simple steps that need to be taken to prevent damage as these sculptures are built with the weather in mind.

One must follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Do not allow water to collect and freeze in fountain bowls or shells
  2.  Do not allow water to collect and freeze in planters, saucers or birdbaths
  3.  Do not allow statuary or pedestals to sit in a pool of ice

Henri Fountain Cover

To avoid ice collecting it is best if you can store your fountain or statue indoors. If this is not an option fill the bowls or shells with an absorbent material such as Henri Underlay, burlap bags, blankets, etc. Should condensation droplets form, they will be absorbed by the material. Then cover the entire fountain with a fountain cover. sells many different sizes of  Henri Fountain Covers. These are great covers for protecting your fountain year after year.

Angella Statue With Bowl Birdbath

It is also advisable that the pump is removed from the fountain. Performing routine pump cleaning and patience is always a good idea too. It’s a simple task that requires cleaning the intake area and impeller, especially if the pump has remained idle for a length of time. To do this, remove front pump housing. Brush and/or wipe clean the inside of the housing and the pump’s inner face. Remove the impeller and shaft and rinse, using warm vinegar water or Henri Lime Remover to remove any hard water calcium deposits. Reassemble impeller and housing in reverse order. You can also remove calcium buildup in the bowls and shells with white vinegar. After you apply, run the fountain, the molecules in the water will actually diminish the residue.  In some states, water is really hard making it very difficult to remove residue on any product made out of concrete, but the vinegar will certainly help.

If you have questions about taking care of your fountains or statues, please reach out to us!  We would love to help. To view our fine gallery of statues and fountains head on over to our website. If you have something in mind but cannot find it on the website, feel free to contact us. Our excellent products coupled with our outstanding customer service ensures is the best business for statuary and other fine goods.

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Temperatures are rising and rainfall is scarce, summer is definitely upon us, here in the Mid-West. The sound of water has always been a favorite to me, especially if I need to relax, unwind and refresh.  A  fountain placed on my patio has enabled me to enjoy that soothing sound, where I can lose myself in reverie or escape in a good book. I have always enjoyed being outside and my garden is my haven. I have added a fountain in my front garden where not only is it a focal point and welcoming feature for all who visit but it is also placed where I can enjoy the sound and sight of water as I sit in the shade of my front porch,