Mother and Son Bronze Patina Sculpture

The kiss on the head, loving embrace, image of pure bliss, captured so elegantly in The Mother and Son Sculpture reminds me of my son who will turn one this month. It would make sense that this sculpture resonates  strongly with me. It is always profound when you have a piece of art that imitates life so closely. The artist captures the connection between a mother and her son perfectly. This connection between mother and child so deep and often hard to describe with words but yet not words are needed with this sculpture.

Young Mother With Child Statue By Rodin

Motherhood is a mixture of exhaustion, joy, adoration, and a touch of insanity. When my son started giving us social smiles I use to joke that I would throw myself down the stairs if that meant he would smile again… Although, I may have not been joking. I felt that way going through all of my little one’s milestones. I could just not get enough. Watching him grow has been the best experience. Prior to my son, I use to reminisce and daydream about fun had in the past. That all has changed as I cannot imagine a world without my little guy. He has some how snapped me into the present.

Three Ages of Woman By Gustav Klimt

Although, as evident with how fast this past year has gone, my little guy is not going to be little forever. It makes these pieces of art even more precious as it serves as a reminder that time is fleeting, capture the moment and carry these precious memories with you as your children grow in the future.

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the clock strikes twelve
lips connect
and are frozen together

                    Jamilah Smith

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FALL. I love it!

Perhaps it is because I grew  up in a place where there were only 2 seasons: Rainy  or Dry, that I find myself  so  enamored of  the way the  4 Seasons give shape to the passing of time.

Fall with Sheaves

Fall with Sheaves

It’s  beautiful how the Greeks gave physical form to this division of time in their creation of the Horai, the goddesses of the 4 seasons.

Fall with Wheat

Fall with Wheat

These lovely deities (daughters of Helios, the god of Sun) presided over the revolutions of the heavenly  bodies which spin out our earthly days and years,  while the 3 Graces are more closely associated with the spinning of the web of our personal fates.

Fall with Cornucopia

Fall with Cornucopia offers the Four Seasons statues in numerous versions. Some  are available in the finish of your choice. You can purchase Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter singly,  or as a set.

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