Admittedly when I see a nice big fountain my first instinct is to go for a swim; especially on hot days such as today. Okay, I realize just how much this is an etiquette faux pas. Fountains are meant to be soothing pieces of aesthetic quality, right?

Roman Wall Fountain Replica

There was a time in history when fountains were way more functional. The Ancient Romans diverted major water ways, creating an empire of water fountains. At one point there were nine aqueducts, 39 monumental fountains and  591 public basins. This is all mind blowing considering the lack of technology we are fortunate to have today. Mainly these fountains were used to provide drinking water. However, a civilization after my own heart, the Romans even built fountains that included large basins for swimming, such as one in Tivoli.

It would not be until later in history did fountains take on the symbolism of pure and holy. When the Middle Ages came around most of the Roman aqueducts fell into disrepair and the fountains cease to be functional. The Church at the time used fountains as a metaphor for life, beauty, wisdom and innocence and attached biblical themes such as The Garden and Eden to the imagery. Fountains were common place in monasteries and other places of high worship.

By time the Renaissance rolled around, there was a drive to revive some of the ancient Roman aqueducts. The Church in Rome commissioned fountains for aesthetic and functional purposes but if we’re honest, it was mainly for aesthetic. With old aqueducts being revived and new ones being built,  in Florence the first ever continually running fountain was built, named the Fountain of Neptune. Fountains at this time grew into so much more then just water sources, but rather the showcasing of wealth and grandeur. It was from this period that the fountains that we know today originated.

At, we are proud of our gallery of fountains. While we do not recommend taking a dip in our fountains we do think they add charm, class and relaxation to any landscaping.

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