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So you have established a beautiful collection of artwork and knickknacks that embody memories, sentimentality and your unique taste. What next? How do you showcase them with style and without clutter?

I am guilty of hoarding nice gifts, pictures and artwork in boxes. When we moved to our new house I swore there would be a home for these items, displayed nicely within our new living space. Well, months went by and guess what! They were all still packed away. When the new year rolled around, I made it my resolution to get organized and stylized. Here is my guide to achieving just that.

Four Tier Shelf Step Pedestal 53

Four Tier Shelf Step Pedestal 53″ High

Step 1: Choose Your Shelving 

I am a huge fan of tiered shelving. I love the functionality and the clean lines. Now if only my toddler would get the memo it is not a personal latter. Alas that is a different blog for a different day.

It is important that the shelving reflect the space. You will want to consider the lines, color and size of the shelving. For example a tiered shelf would look great in a room with mission or modern decor, complete with clean lines and warm colors.

Architectural Quatrefoil Renaissance Wall Hanigng with Shelf

Architectural Quatrefoil Renaissance Wall Hanigng with Shelf

Step 2: Make it Work For You 

I am all about functionality. You will find baskets, baskets and more baskets in my house. On the bottom of my tiered shelves I use baskets to conceal my son’s blocks and Fisher Price Little People. Baskets are my family’s way of stylishly containing organized chaos. Do not be so wrapped up making the shelf stylish that you forget functionality.

If you love wine but have a shelf in the living room, add a bottle or two. This adds a personal touch to the space but also creates a nice space to store that precious vino. I caution you though, do not overwhelm the shelf with too much clutter. There is definitely a fine balance between functionality and too much stuff. The size of your shelf will determine that too.

Corinthian Wall Console Table Base

Corinthian Wall Console Table Base

Step 3: Remember Your Shapes

To create a stylized shelf it is wise to create visual triangles that draw the eye where you want it to go. Do this by stacking, leaning, layering and grouping your items.  

I have collected cool hardbound books over time. I stacked them in the shape of a pyramid instead of the traditional library style to showcase the unique binding and tie in the colors with other items on my shelf.

I also lean and layer photos to create depth Grouping photos and other items of similar color is another great way to to draw the eye. 

Mission Shelf Wall Bracket 30

Mission Shelf Wall Bracket 30″ Long

Step 4: Go Simple

When considering your color palate of the shelf, its contents and background it is best to go simple. I created a background color with items in mind  to “pop” against the background. I love the look of marble against a background of purples and reds. Another favorite of mine is cream with a pop of green. If you choose a pattern for the background it is best to keep the contents of the shelf simple so not to overwhelm the space.

I hope this provided some inspiration to get stylizing and organized! We are proud to carry many options of shelving, benches and tables. Head on over to our website to view our fine gallery of shelving, benches and tables.

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