Ohhhh man! It is hot and humid out there. The only thing that might make the heat bearable is a nice coooooool…. summer sale…. right?  Jump in the water is nice!

Summer Sale

Summer Sale

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For more sales or information about all statuary come visit us at www.Statue.com for all your statuary needs. You can e-mail us at Sales@statue.com or call us at 618-692-1121 or Toll-Free at 877-675-2634.

We are now on the finishing of marble / alabaster restoration and repair of this little girl statue. We use a clear epoxy and blend it with marble dust to make a think consistency and we then bond and fill in the broken parts of the statue. Remember we can do this but the statue has be drilled and pinned together with thick copper wires. So this making the statue already stronger and then we add the epoxy. Of it dries we give it a day or two and then we begin the sanding and grinding to make the seams seamless. This takes some technical and artist skills, you do not want to take too much off or too little. It has to be just the right amount of sanding so the sculpture is restored to original state. Statue.com will be adding photos of this process as we blog. Or visit us at www.Statue.com to see more.ImageImage

For year we at www.Statue.com have been repairing all kinds of statuary. We just finished another repair of an antique marble or alabaster statue and we are showing our process of repairing and restoring sculptures that have been damaged or deteriorated over time.

First we receive a call from our client that is just heart-broken that their statue has just been damaged. We usually ask that you e-mail photos of the damage so we can give an estimate on the cost of repair. You can send photos to sales@statue.com and with the size so we know what the actually size sculpture we are dealing with. Our production department can determine what material it made just by the photo most times.

Then we send out a quote this is by the hour and we are experts at estimating how long it takes, but always takes about  double the amount of time since the sculptors have to have it perfectly repair every time. What I mean to say that we usually underestimate the time it takes because the artisan really get involved it making the statue repair or restoration better that before.

Here is an antique sculpture that was sent to us by a lovely woman in Southern IL. Whose fathers pass this sculpture on to her as a family heirloom. Maybe not a very expensive sculptures but priceless in sentimental value. It had been repair a couple of times by family members over the years and had just been knocked over and broken at the base of the sculpture.


ImageImage ImageImageImageImage

Here we have the damaged sculpture which is slowly drilled to both sides of the fracture and are pinned on one side with copper wire to reinforce the break. Copper pinning is used in statuary repairs for centuries and this is done for the copper does not corrode this piece is actually a marble or alabaster sculpture or a nature marble. Most people think marble and alabaster are two different materials but they one in the same. It really depends where the cavern region of the marble being quarried. So when marble comes out of a quarry each region in unique for it marble. Get off track so back to the repair in my next Statue.com Blog. For more info come visit us at www.Statue.com for all your statuary needs. You can e-mail us at Sales@statue.com or call us at 618-692-1121 or Toll-Free at 877-675-2634.




Here at Statue.com, we can reconstruct just about any statue you might choose to have repaired. A customer has entrusted us with a very sentimental statue that was accidentally, badly, broken and we will show the steps on its reparation. The first step is to assess the extent of the damage and try to evaluate what procedure to follow,



Statue.com has been repairing and restoring statuary since 1996 and have the largest collection statuary on our web site a www.Statue.com.

We are always repairing sculptures and we have one we just finished up. Many of our repairs and to hands and fingers of religious figurines life-size sculptures to small figurines. We patch holes and cracks and at Statue.com we pride our repair and restoration work to make them stronger and better than the original. Statue.com artisan take pride and care with each sculpture that comes into our fix it shop. Our artist and sculptors can repair just about any material a statue is made such as marble, alabaster, plaster, bronze, brass, metal and even wood sculptures. Actually I do not think there is a sculpture we where not able to fix, repair or restore. If you have any questions about a repair please feel free to contact us at sales@statue.com or call us Toll Free at 877-675-2634. Here is a small sample of what we do and there will be more to come from our Statue.com department.