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Throughout history religious statuary has been used in decorating homes, schools, and places of worship. They did see there highlighted year in the 20’s and 30′ companies where creating plaster religious sculptures from life- size to small religious statuary.  One of the companies I have studied and collected for years is the Daprato Company of Italy. They moved to Chicago and New York and had a large collection of molds and replicas of all kinds of Religious Figures, Angel Statuary, Jesus and Mary statue of  hundred of styles, sizes and church artifacts.

In fact being an early on EBay shopper I was able to obtain about sixty of the Architectural hand painted drawings of the Daprato Company. These where all hand drawing, hand colored mock ups of Churches and their interiors. Daprato was hired to come in and design Catholic Churches that hired them. They would design the whole interior including Statuary, Stained glass window designs which I have a few drawing of in my personal collection. They would present these architectural drawings to the Priest for their approval of the plans and upon approval Daprato Company finish the work needed to complete the church interiors. Being a Roman Catholic I was able to purchase the actual architectural drawing of my Church, that I was baptized, confirmed, married and my children where baptized there as well.  And I would say that I am honored to own this arcthictural drawing that of the Parish I grew up in and is one of my prized possessions of art work that hangs in my home.  Other than my paint by numbers Last Supper painted by my Great Uncle which I consider priceless.

What I have heard over the years is that in the 50’s and 60’s those Churches received a letter from the Pope to stop using replicas and statuary in Churches. That they where going to be more modern or contemporary and not to have statuary represent the Church. Or may be more minimalist in style so many of the priests had the statuary thrown away or place in the basement of the churches. This is where many of the statues ended up and became damaged in the basements of churches. Water damage is what we seen here at Statue.com in our repair department with peeing paint and deteriorating plaster from being in the damp basements. Over the past years we have restored and repainted many of these sculpted statuary for this famed Company.

Soon after this letter or the Parishes we notified of this, all statuary purchase stopped with the Daprato Company and sadly they closed. What I have heard is that many of the molds where just thrown away and art was lost. Being maker of statuary for most of my life time and this happened a little before I was born still moves me of what a tragic lose of an icon in the statuary business. What I would have done to save all those molds and rich décor of historical religious artifacts.

Now we do see these sculptures come up for auction and needs repairs and Statue.com is proud to offer many makers of Religious sculptures. Come view our vast collection of Religious Statuary at http://www.statue.com/Products/Religious/ where you can still find some very fine Catholic Statuary.ImageImage