I was going to write this blog post about a different topic but got side tracked on the Statue.com website. What caused the diversion, you ask? This…

Frog Butler With Tray

I spend a significant amount of time on the Statue.com website and I love coming across quirky finds, such as this awesome guy. I often come across these offbeat finds and thought they deserved their own spot on the blog. The Frog Butler belongs to the Whimsical Treasures Collection. From Frog  to Parrot there are many other fantastical creatures within this collection. 

Frederic Levesque Cat Birdhouse

Frederic Levesque’s sculptures are another quirky addition to Statue.com’s gallery. Levesque had an eye for detail and added humor to his artwork. The French sculptor’s love for realism and nature transcends into his work. All of these concepts are captured in the Cat Birdhouse. It takes a brave bird to approach the piercing green eyes and deceptive welcome mat tongue of this sculpture. Have no fear, we are sure many birds will take the risk and make this a comfy home. Easily mount this piece to any tree, wall or fence for instant garden gaiety. 

Garden Smile by George Carruth

When discussing offbeat finds, George Carruth cannot go unnamed. His Garden Smiles collection are not only full of personality but zany in their own right too. The Garden Smile has evolved over the years into a signature piece of sculptor Carruth. Wonderful for displaying on walls, fences, decks, entry ways, trellises, and not only on tree trunks, but way up in trees as sort of a nature spirit peering out from the branches. While creating this sculpture Carruth captured the best of nature and mankind in a peaceful organic format. Perfect gifts to gardeners, or simply something peaceful and serene to hang indoors. Garden Smile always give it viewer a warm winking smile makes everyone feel welcomed.

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