is glad to introduce artist Number 2  in our  Music Legends statue collection!  )“Come and join the party ever day,” sang Jerry Garcia and his band in the first original song on their first album.

Born in San Francisco on August 1, 1942, he joined with Ron “Pigpen” KcKeman in the early sixties playing a folk bluegrass style of music and forming the “Grateful Dead” band in 1965.

Over the next three decades, the Dead would extend its repertoire to include many different musical idioms, and would bring its wild show and entourage to cities across America and Europe, but throughout it all, good-jerry-garciathe band’s music would remain rooted in what was eventually called the “San Francisco Sound”.

The Dead carried the spirit of the Sixties counterculture through three decades of touring and a dozen more studio and live albums.  The “hippies” lived on in the form of Deadheads.

Another lasting legacy of the Dead was its influence on a new generation of jam bands which adopted improvisation as the basis for their music.  The Dead’s music endures because it is so unique. No other band brought together jazz-inspired improvisation and all of rock’s root idioms – country, blues, folk, R&B – into a live performance art Jerry Garcia bustwith such wide and sustained appeal.

Jerry passed away on August 9, 1995.  What a long strange trip it’s been…..

What makes a Music Legend?

Limited Edition Bob Marley Bust

Limited Edition Bob Marley Bust

At we are interested in seizing the opportunity  that our history, experience, and artistic potential afford,  to create new statuary products for our global customers.    We are excited to introduce the first statue in our new collection of Music Legends!As possibly  the first third world musician to break on to a global, world-wide music scene, we are proud to offer this limited edition bust of Bob Nesta Marley as the  first piece in a groundbreaking collection.   Cast solid in a heavy composite of hydrostone and polymers, this unique art piece is hand-finished in a rich bronzed references

The mood that I have sought  to portray in this sculpture  is “One World ~ One Love,”  the very essence of Bob Marley’s message for me.Bob Marley Bust

This limited edition sculpture will arrive in a specialized box with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by the artist.  Be one of the first to own,  or give a statue of,  not only one of the  foremost music legends of our time, but also a beloved champion of social justice for all peoples.~Lydia Shalanko