For years people and even scientists have tried to solve have the Giant Easter Island of the Moai Sculptures arrived at their destination. These statues had to be move 11 miles away from a quarry where they where carved, and did not use wheels, cranes or large animals.

Scientist has had May ideas and they had thought the islanders use ropes, log roller and wooden sledges.  Recently two archaeologist came up with a new theory that the Moai where made to move upright using only rope to make the statues walk or should I say walk?  As seen in the video.

University of Hawaii and California State University Long Beach have worked closely with these archaeologist Sergio Rapu, who’s part of the South Pacific island’s population of indigenous Rapanui, to develop their idea.  D-shaped bases could have allowed workers to roll and rock the moai side to side and walk it 11 Miles. Pretty cool and love the video of the theory in action. So do you think the Easter Island statues walked? Or do you have your own theory?

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