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facial features of the David

facial features of David

bust of David
bust of David
full figure of David
full figure of David

My oldest daughter is blessed to be in Europe right now on an 11 day college Fine Arts trip.  The first email I received from her said:  “Please send more money!” as  reality of the value of  the US dollar versus the Euro ascended upon her.  Of course this request made me smile to myself; so classic was it.

Her email today tells me they have left Paris and are now in Florence. “Saw the David again today. Always a brilliant experience,” she tells me and I hear already the sound of a seasoned world travel.   Of course this makes me smile to myself.

Yes.  “The David“, kind of like Madonna, never needs a second name. At Statue.com we sell this famous statue in various sizes, as a full figure,  as a bust, and even just as parts, ttsh1024which make wonderful design elements for the artist, drawing class, or interior decorator.

Call us at 618- 692-1121 if you need any help in choosing the perfect David for you!

Not only is it a new year, but it is also exciting to watch a new presidential family moving into the American White House. I got a kick out of this Wikipedia photo from the Oval Office, Oval Office from above, Wikipediaand a bit of history about the decorative changes various presidents made in this famous office.  Being in the statuary business, I’m interested to hear what art work President-elect Obama will bring in to take the place of President Bush’s Remington sculptures.

This is the  perfect season for you too, to  bring in striking visual changes to your home or office.  Oval Office ceiling medallionSoon Mr. Obama will be looking up to see this patriotic eagle ceiling medallion with an Art Moderne touch.  How about this one below for your office?  afarcm818 Or perhaps the   absolutely brilliant golden focal point  for your dining room ceiling!?



We sell oodles of ceiling medallions in   different shapes, sizes and colors at Statue.com.

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