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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (1935, Mill Run, Pennsylvania)

The Department of Interior announced over the weekend 10 buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright were being nominated to join the likes of Statue of Liberty and Grand Canyon on the World Heritage List.

The list of 10 building includes Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois; Frederick C. Robie House in Chicago, Illinois; Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin; Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, California; Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania; Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House in Madison, Wisconsin; Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City; Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma; and Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, California.

Frederick C. Robie House Chicago vase, Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Oak  Park, Illinois

Frederick Robie Residence Vase Mid-Size

Frank Lloyd Wright holds a special place in our hearts. His architecture is prominent in Chicago, where our CEO Gloria grew up and also in the small town of Edwardsville where calls home.

Although well known for architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright contributed so much more to the world of aesthetics. His attention to detail is paralleled to none. We admire the way Frank Lloyd Wright was able coordinated design elements that ran central through his projects. From planters to sculptures Frank Lloyd Wright coordinated it all.

Garden Sprite,  Frank Lloyd Wright, Bohm Building, Edwardsville, Il

Garden Sprite Estate Size Statue by Frank Lloyd Wright outside the Bohm Building in Edwardsville, Il

We choose one of our favorite Frank Lloyd Wright sculptures to reside outside the entrance of the Bohm Building, where all the magic happens. The Garden Sprite is a life-size sandstone replica of several designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and sculpted by Alfonzo Ianelli. The originals were located in the Midway Gardens, Chicago, Illinois. offers a vast collection of Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions. Our reproductions come in multiple sizes, including planters, sculptures and glass designs from The Frank Lloyd Wright Residence, Oak Park, Illinois; The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, Oak Park; The Henry J. Allen Residence, Wichita, Kansas; The Frederick C. Robie Residence, Hyde Park, Illinois; and The Burton J. Westcott Residence, Springfield, Ohio.

Head on over to to see our entire gallery. If you have something in mind but cannot find it on the website, feel free to contact us. Our excellent products coupled with our outstanding customer service ensures is the best online store for statuary and other fine goods.

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afmm710bcI loved the quote. Anderson Cooper said it last night on CNN about Barack Obama who was inaugrated the 44th President of the United States today:  “One tall skinny lawyer from Illinois paying homage to another tall skinny lawyer from Illinois.”

It’s an exciting day for America, a new possibility, and it’s nice to be from Illinois!  We will always be proud of our first “tall, skinny lawyer from Illinois” who became the  16th President of our country, Abraham Lincoln.  At we have numerous sculptures of this fine man, and we think this is the perfect time to get one if you don’t already have one.

I especially don’t think any classroom should be without one. We also offer a bust of our new President Barack Obama so consider that as well.

God bless our new America!  And I leave you with a favorite quote from Abe Lincoln:

“I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that if at the end, when I come to lay down the reins of power, I have lost every other friend on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me.”  100 N. Main St.  Edwardsville, IL   62025  (618) 692-1121

In 1909, when land the Bohm building was to be built on sold to Mr. William H. Bohm,  the Edwardsville Republican newspaper stated: “The lot sold yesterday….and was considered by judges of real estate about the best and most desireable lot in the business district.”  We are happy at to hold court in this fine old building.

Bohm building~ downtown Edwardsville, IL

Bohm building~ downtown Edwardsville, IL

It’s been shaking and rumbling for the last month though!  Glad to say this is not due to earthquake activity but to trucks and cranes hauling and moving land and materials in the creation of a fine new restaurant that will be opening downstairs next month.

I had to laugh today when I saw Amy Zupanci the chef and owner of the upcoming “FOND” restaurant, set up outside of’s Shipping and Receiving area.  She was meeting a wine distributor with some nice cheeses, and her pink hard hat by her side! Looked like the perfect alfresco office to spend a bit of a mellow, sunny afternoon in.

Amy Z's alfresco office

Amy Z

The presence of FOND will be a great addition to the downtown Edwardsville culinary scene.  Amy was telling me that it will be a “Slow Food” establishment, something I’m not familar with.  The Slow Food concept she explained, is a direct response away from the fast food lifestyle, and foods will be purchased locally, fresh, and in season.  What a wonderful idea~ a return to eating as a true experience, with emphasis on quality (not rushing) and emotional nurturance.

Check out FOND, coming soon to the Bohm building. We’re excited to have it here.

Well, it’s late in the afternoon.  I see from my office window that all but two workers have gone home for the day. Here in the back parking lot, (which will soon also be the back entrance of a restaurant), I can already imagine the outdoor seating, landscaping, and some fountains.  I know a really great place to purchase fabulous Fountains!  They have the best selection. and you can often chose the finish color.

Back of Bohm

Back of Bohm

The tall vent on the left side of the building was just installed for Amy’s ovens.  Has me hoping. Will I  be lucky enough to catch wiffs of homemade apple pie  coming in my office window?   Just like in the cartoons 🙂