Golf is one of the United States favorite pastimes. Although the origin of golf is highly debated, the sport as we know it can be traced to 15th-century Scotland. Golf was initially banned in Scotland during the mid-15th century because of impending war with England. It was seen as a distraction from archery and preparation for war. Thankfully the ban was not strictly enforced and golf continued to grow in popularity to be enjoyed by the elite of the British Empire.

The game of golf would remain a rather exclusive sport due the expensive nature of the wooden clubs and balls made with tightly compressed feathers wrapped in horse hide. It was not until when metal club heads and shafts were mass produced by production lines that the sport would become more affordable. The introduction of a solid rubber and dimpled ball allowed for golfers to hit the ball further than ever before. The growth of railways across England would also allow for tourism and travel to the growing number of golf courses.

The rest, as they say, is history. Golf clubs were formed and events like the British Open were established, allowing golf to become a professional sport. Golf grew equally in popularity in India and the United States. By 1900, there were 1000 golf clubs in the USA and the sport was also an addition to the Olympics. Golf had transformed from the British pastime to the world’s favorite pastime.

Although technology has advanced the game of golf has held a strong foothold in the hearts of Americans. The game can be played with colleagues or friends. A beautiful golf  statue can act as an excellent gift. The Bronzed Metal Golfer On Marble Base Statue is a striking example of a trophy or corporate gift. This golf sculpture is available in three different sizes.

Contemporary Golf aficionados will also love garden decor items like the Large Golf Ball Sculpture, and the equally gorgeous Fountainette Golf Fountain With Light. If such golf garden decor might be a bit too contemporary for the person in mind, there are plenty of traditional man and woman golfer garden statues to choose from. When picking one out, we just need to think about the colors, casting material, and types of decor favored by the person in mind. If he or she appreciates traditional decor, something like the Nostalgic Golfer Man Statue can act as a wonderful gift. If that person is interested in garden fountains, consider gifting the exquisite Classical Golfer Large Cement Garden Fountain.


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Garden GiftsHere is our first installment of the Gift Guide. Hooray! In this installment we are going to focus on all the green thumbed folks out there.

Winter maybe closely approaching, however any gardener’s heart is plotting for spring.  Our collection of bird baths, garden sculptures, sundials, bird houses and planters are a sure way into your favorite gardener’s heart.

Here are some of our favorite pieces:

Boy and Girl Roman Planters

1.) Boy and Girl Roman Planters:

The Boy and Girl Roman Planters make a great gift for anyone with classic taste. We love the look of these sculptures for a garden accent or on either side of an entryway. You may choose from many different color choices to customize the look of the planters to suit your style.

The planters are made with pride in the USA. They are composed of the most durable cast stone, which will ensure their beauty lasts year, after year.  The pair are sizable measuring at approximately 3 feet tall.  The planters come with a drainage hole for easy planting of flowers or greenery. These fine pieces are made to order and usually take 3-4 weeks to ship. Be sure to order soon to ensure they arrive in time for the holidays!

Classic Curved Cement Garden Bench

2.) Classic Curved Cement Garden Bench

Every gardener needs a spot to reflect on their hard work. The Classic Curved Cement Garden Bench is a great spot to marvel in the beauty and hard work any garden requires.  This heirloom quality bench is hand poured and finished to a color of your choice. Meticulously crafted, this heavyweight, durable cast stone piece is the finest available here or abroad. Made to order and ships in 3-4 weeks.

Angel Weathervane

3.) Angel Weathervane Sculpture

Which way is the wind blowing? This large size angel with trumpeting angel copper weathervane will surely tell you. A beautiful accessory for a spiritual garden or placed on top of a roof.

This specially designed copper weathervane sculpture is hand-crafted of solid copper and brass by skilled artisans with unmatched quality. Copper Weathervane Includes copper figure, copper spacer balls, solid brass directional, and steel rod.

These suggestions are just a tip of the iceberg, for further garden gift inspiration head on over to our website.

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