's Gloria next to Perseus with the Head of Medusa Sculpture

Perseus with the Head of Medusa Sculpture

As myth has it, Medusa was a hideous, terrifying woman with poisonous snakes for hair. One glance her direction would turn result in being turned to stone. Perseus, the hero, was responsible for her demise. He was gifted  a mirrored shield from Athena, gold, winged sandals from Hermes, a sword from Hephaestus and Hades’ helm of invisibility to battle the cruel Medusa. Perseus slayed Medusa by chopping off her head using Athena’s mirrored shied to avoid looking directly at her. Medusa was pregnant at the time of her slaying. When Perseus beheaded Medusa, she gave birth to Pegasus, a wing horse. In return for allowing Perseus to borrow Athena’s shield, he gave her Medusa’s head. Athena in return put Medusa’s head on the shield for further protection.

Perseus Wall Mask

The myth of Medusa and Perseus has remained popular through the centuries. It has been the subject of many artwork. When Gloria, founder, visited Florence, Italy she visited the bronze sculpture of Perseus with the Head of Medusa. This statue was sculpted by the Italian, Benvenuto Cellini. Side note about, Cellini, he was a gifted sculptor but was also quite violent. He had shot and injured Philibert of Châlon, prince of Orange and killed Charles III, Duke of Bourbon. He also murdered his brother’s killer in what he called ‘blood revenge.’

Alright, back on topic, there are many other famous of pieces of Medusa and Perseus that do not require a flight to Florence, Italy. The Perseus Wall Mask is great for an artist cast or drawing study.

Pegasus With Open Wings

The Pegasus is central to the Medusa and Perseus myth and often represented in sculpture. The Pegasus with Open Wings is composed of designer resin with an antique bronze finish.

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facial features of the David

facial features of David

bust of David
bust of David
full figure of David
full figure of David

My oldest daughter is blessed to be in Europe right now on an 11 day college Fine Arts trip.  The first email I received from her said:  “Please send more money!” as  reality of the value of  the US dollar versus the Euro ascended upon her.  Of course this request made me smile to myself; so classic was it.

Her email today tells me they have left Paris and are now in Florence. “Saw the David again today. Always a brilliant experience,” she tells me and I hear already the sound of a seasoned world travel.   Of course this makes me smile to myself.

Yes.  “The David“, kind of like Madonna, never needs a second name. At we sell this famous statue in various sizes, as a full figure,  as a bust, and even just as parts, ttsh1024which make wonderful design elements for the artist, drawing class, or interior decorator.

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