School Girl Bronze Sculpture

It’s almost sinful to be at my computer writing this blog. The weather is just too perfect for Mid-August in Illinois. Normally this time of year one is abused by the humidity and heat. Not the case for this week, it’s perfectly mild and sunny. There are just enough clouds in the sky to provide a break from the still intense summer sun. Dare I write, “it feels quite a bit like fall?” It doesn’t help my Facebook has been blowing up with kids going back to school.  My husband thinks I am crazy but I loved going back to school too. There was something nice about returning to structure, seeing old friends and the anticipation of meeting a new teacher. Returning to school was embarking on a new journey. I look forward to sharing those days with my son when he becomes school aged. Something about the first day of school screams that summer is quickly wrapping up.

Rich Autumn Colors in FallFire Fairy Jewelry Box

By time August rolls around, I welcome fall with open arms. I anticipate the rich autumn colors, the heavenly scents of cinnamon and spice, hearty foods, and cool sweater weather.  Our family loves this time for harvest; picking pumpkins and apples are a must. We also wouldn’t miss the costume Halloween party’s Gloria throws every year or her Veterans’ Day festivities. Gloria ensures we are out supporting our troops during Edwardsville’s Veterans’ Day parade not matter what conditions mother nature decides to throw our way.

Cat With Halloween Mask

What do you think? Am I jumping to the next season too soon or are you ready for autumn too?

Looking to add to your fall decor? We have many autumn inspired pieces within our fine gallery. If you have something in mind but cannot find it on the website, feel free to contact us. Our excellent products coupled with our outstanding customer service ensures is the best business for statuary and other fine goods.

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FALL. I love it!

Perhaps it is because I grew  up in a place where there were only 2 seasons: Rainy  or Dry, that I find myself  so  enamored of  the way the  4 Seasons give shape to the passing of time.

Fall with Sheaves

Fall with Sheaves

It’s  beautiful how the Greeks gave physical form to this division of time in their creation of the Horai, the goddesses of the 4 seasons.

Fall with Wheat

Fall with Wheat

These lovely deities (daughters of Helios, the god of Sun) presided over the revolutions of the heavenly  bodies which spin out our earthly days and years,  while the 3 Graces are more closely associated with the spinning of the web of our personal fates.

Fall with Cornucopia

Fall with Cornucopia offers the Four Seasons statues in numerous versions. Some  are available in the finish of your choice. You can purchase Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter singly,  or as a set.

Buy a statue.  Give shape to that important season in your life.