It has been downright chilly the past couple of days. As temperatures continue to get colder, it is time to start thinking about caring and prepping your concrete statues for that dreaded ‘W’ word, winter. Concrete is porous by nature. Think about what happens to sidewalks as water freezes. When this happens cracks form and get bigger as the water expands and contracts.

Labrador Dog Garden Statue by Henri

Labrador Dog Garden Statue by Henri

For the most part, our fine artisans have taken the shifting of temperatures and conditions into account. Temperature alone will not harm the statues. Cast stone statues are composed of a concrete mix  that contains fiber and mechanical additives which enhance the elastic qualities of the concrete. Nonetheless, Mother Nature is a destructive force and one must take caution when it comes to ice. If you live in an area that is prone to ice and snow it best to take sculptures and birdbaths inside.

If you are unable to store indoors we recommend filling the bowl(s) of birdbaths and sculptures with absorbent materials such as Henri Underlay, burlap bags, blankets, etc. We then advise covering the entire sculpture or birdbath with a Henri Fountain Cover. The idea is that if condensation forms on the inside of the cover, it will be absorbed by the material adding another layer of protection. We also recommend not allowing pedestals and statuary to sit in pools of ice.

Stay tuned for our next blog on getting your fountains prepared for winter.

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Our excellent products coupled with our outstanding customer service ensures is the best business for statuary and other fine goods.

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Please note: We no longer produce custom sculptures. has been producing custom sculptures since 1996. We have been commission to create a portraiture bust of an American Bully which will become an award for this breed. This American Bully bust will be mounted to a base then finished in a bronze patina. We have sculpted many other dog busts and sculptures in the past but have documented a step by step photo documentary of the process of make a custom sculpture such as this dog portrait.

First we begin by photographs of the subject and we like as many as possible, so we capture as much detail of the subject to be sculpted. If at all possible we will take measurements and dimensions of the anatomical features.



Here is an example of the profile photo we took of the American Bully but we have at least 20 other photos of the different view of the dogs head. This way we can also capture as much personal attributes, character or characteristic as possible of the subject we will be sculpting as shown in this dog profile shot.


Then at we would build the framework for the sculpture which is commonly made with wires, steel rods and metal then bolted to a wood base which is called the armature. This armature is the stability the gives the artist the framework to start adding clay and begin the rough draft of the head of the American Bully.




This is when the custom clay sculpting begins and the sculpture begins to transform and take shape. has a sculpting and replicating staff of creative artist that are ready to create your sculpture or anything you can dream. This process and each detail of the photo must be studied and refined to the customer’s specifications, this clay process it the most time consuming of the entire sculpture and each sculpture will vary on difficultly. We will have more of the American Bully to be shown soon so the entire process will be on our Blog shortly. So keep checking back to see more of this wonderful sculpture transform into the finished product.