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Nineteenth century art instruction often included the use of sculptural models, known as drawing casts to emphasize the study of form and the visual effect that light and shadow had on these forms. A recent resurgence of interest in the use of these aids to teach art fundamentals has inspired Statue.com to create a set of 10 pristine, geometric shapes. Cast in a durable resin compound and finished in museum white, these solid forms will maintain their crisp edges long after their plaster counterparts have chipped and faded. Statue.com is proud to offer this high quality set as tools of the trade, maintaining the high tradition of a classical art training. Artists, Teachers, Designers and Decorators alike will appreciate the beauty in pure geometry. These shapes may even be displayed as accents of sculptural form and balance. 


Apollo Belvedere Mask

Apollo Belvedere Mask

Along with geometric shapes, we offer a fine line of  drawing masks. Like the geometric shapes these masks are  hand finished and special attention has been made to detail , we are casting them the same way that has been done over 100 years ago, using the same art grade plaster as the masters.

We believe this mask to have been taken from one of the original Apollo sculptures. The Apollo Belvedere represents one of the great legacies of Greek art. It was a Roman copy, probably of a bronze original made by the Athenian sculptor Leochares, who worked for Alexander the Great, around 320BC. The Apollo Belvedere was discovered in the late 1400’s near Rome, and has been in the Vatican since 1511, in the Cortile del Belvedere, from which it gets its name.


Colossal Foot Left- Drawing Cast

Colossal Foot Left- Drawing Cast

One of our most popular drawing casts is the Colossal Foot. We have reason to believe it is the foot of the Fighting Gladiator or the Borghese Gladiator Sculpture that can be found in The Louvre. The Borghese Gladiator – originally part of the Italian collection whose name it bears – is actually the depiction of a fighting warrior. The detailed sculptural composition of  tendons, muscles and bones makes it a perfect drawing cast. 

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