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The Gallery has a wide range of casting materials to fit any decor need. Sometimes those choices can be a bit overwhelming. What is the difference between cast-stone or designer-resin? How about Tuffstone or Durastone? What materials work well for outside compared to materials that will reside indoors? We will help you step by step to understanding the different materials and choose the perfect one for your needs.

Bonded Carrara Marble

Florentine Pieta Michelangelo Statue 12

Florentine Pieta Michelangelo Statue 12″ High

The Northern Italian quarry of Carrara is noted for the white marble produced. The marble resin compound is created by crushing small pieces of Carrara marble that are not otherwise usable. The resin gives the marble powder an added strength superior to the natural stone. The statues consist of approximately 70% – 80% marble powder and the remainder being resin. Bonded marble compares favorably to its natural marble counterpart. The surface texture is nearly identical. The coloring of bonded marble is a consistent white whereas the natural Carrara marble is slightly off white with subtle gray streaking in some cases. It weighs approximately 90% of the weight of natural marble but is superior in strength.

Does the famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti ring a bell? Michelangelo used Carrara marble as his preferred sculpting material, including The Pieta and The David.

The care of Bonded Carrara Marble is fairly simple and usually just requires a simple dusting from time to time. It is significantly less porous than pure marble.


Athenian Wing Sculpted Wall Frieze

Athenian Wing Sculpted Wall Frieze

These sculptures are created by casting products of fiberglass resin, (a very durable synthetic polymer), in well-made molds. One of the most suitable casting materials for outdoor/indoor use. These pieces weather well in rain but when the temperatures dip below freezing it is best to bring them indoors.

Designer Resin is also significantly lighter than it’s cousin cast stone, thus reducing shipping costs. The finish of these pieces are easily customized.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we discuss Tuffstone and Durastone!

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Moses by Michelangelo

Moses by Michelangelo

While visiting Pietrasanta Italy, a town nestled below cavernous quarry pits, I heard a stone carver say that sometimes the streams coming  down the mountain run white.  That image has stayed with me, although  I only saw the streams run white in my imagination.  But it was still something,  to be able to look up towards  those  Appenine mountains,  from whence Michelangelo himself,  had  chosen the  white marble to be cut for his Moses statue and the unfinished Slaves.

Florentine Pieta

Florentine Pieta

With a beautiful resourcefulness, the modern Italian artisan has created a material for casting statues which uses this powdered marble, residue of the  huge quarry industry.   It is sometimes  refered to as bonded marble or oxolyte. This  beautiful white material is used to perfection in the statues made by  Egregia, Kozmolux and the Santini  statuaries,  available in the US through

We are pleased to make available to you, a huge selection  of bonded marble statues, still cast by artisans in these traditional workshops in Italy.  Most are  available to ship out of our U.S. warehouse  immediately.  Larger speciality pieces (like the Florentine Pieta at right) can be cast to order and created especially for you in Italy.