Drawing casts were originally used by European student artists during the Middle Ages as a means of practice for drawing and painting. Those studying art would use casts as means to practice scale and obtain realism, which was a popular movement at the time. Using drawing casts had the benefit of being inanimate. The student artist could take their time practicing their hand at shadowing and illustrating depth while using a drawing cast. Drawing casts usually consisted of geometrical shapes, hands and faces. Famous artists who used drawing casts in their studies include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

Present day, drawing cast are still used by students. Those interested in teaching or learning art fundamentals would find our Geometrical Shape Set of Ten of great use.  The geometrical shapes are also highly desirable pieces for art collectors. Anyone with an eye for art and who is a lover of history would love to add the School Of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Horse Sculpture to their collection.

Drawing casts also make great gifts for those in the medical field. The exquisite details of the Ecorche Anatomical Man Study Model Artist Cast Sculpture  makes this statue a great medical school graduate gift.

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Conservation Wall Plaque Sculpture

Conservation Wall Plaque Sculpture

We love Earth Day. So much, we celebrate our Mother Earth everyday by striving to attain sustainable business practices.

We also have a wide variety of sculptures and fountains of Animals and Nature for customers to choose from. Our Conservation Wall Plaque Sculpture is another beautiful way to show love for Mother Earth. For gift giving Atlas With Earth Sculptural Night Light Lamp Statue is perfect for showing the weight of the world and it’s importance!

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Wise Old Tree Fountain with Light

Wise Old Tree Fountain with Light

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