Rodin Collection of Sculptures

Auguste Rodin

A rendering of Rodin’s Left Hand of Eustache de St. Pierre, in which you can see virtual blood vessels and bone.

We love, love, love the idea of the newest exhibit on display at Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center. The exhibit diagnoses eight of the ten hands sculpted by Auguste Rodin. The hands were diagnosed by a Stanford School of Medicine hand surgeon for malformations and diseases. The exhibit combines the world of medicine and art in the most fascinating form.

Danaid Auguste Rodin

Danaid by Auguste Rodin

Not familiar with Rodin’s work? Rodin was intrigued by the human form. Most of his sculptures consisted of hands or the naked form. There is something sensual and romantic about his sculptures but technical and meticulous as well.

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You can read more about the exhibit here: Rodin’s hand sculptures diagnosed as part of exhibit

What are your thoughts on the exhibit? What is your favorite Rodin piece?



Shop Rodin statues, sculptures and replicas if the Rodin Sculptural collection of Statuary for sale at Sculptures of Auguste Rodin is generally considered to be the most important contribution to the world of sculpture in the 19th century. Rodin’s innovations in expressive techniques paved the way for a change from the extreme realism of the day and also from the long domination of Greek influence. Come shop by Rodin Sculptures and Statues, our most famous gift idea of Rodin’s art work is the famous Thinker figurine! In our Rodin Collection we have many of rare or should we say hard to find Rodin Sculptures. For example Danaide By RodinDanaide showcases Rodin’s aim to reproduce the surface , soul, love, passion, life. It represents one of the daughters, Danaus, King of Argos, condemned in Hades to fill perpetually a vessel full of holes, as punishment for the murder of her husband. Danaus has thrown herself down with abandonment and despair.

Fascinated by the expressive power of hands, Auguste Rodin studied them relentlessly. To Rodin, two hands symbolized a lover’s union every bit as powerfully as his more explicit subjects did. Our reproduction of Cathedral Hands is made of a bonded Alabaster mounted on a genuine base and comes from Italy.



Like other artists at the beginning of the 20th century Rodin was interested in the art of Japan. When he met the diminutive Japanese dance Hanako he made of series of studies of her face one of which is the MASQUE d’HANAKO. In this study he probed deeply beneath the reserved façade to reveal a wide range of emotions.We have a limited supply of marble bases and will switch to wooden bases as that supply is used up. From a green perspective it make no sence to import marble when we have a ready supply of wood in the midwest. In light of our green movement we are phasing out marble bases and moving to wooden bases. Our wooden bases are select pieces of locally grown and crafted wood. Far less energy is expended to convert our bases from tree to finished product. Many of our trees come from yards as a result of storm damage – really, it’s a good thing.  Come shop our unique and rare sculptures from our collection of Rodin.