Sculpting clay prototype

Sculpting clay prototype




Whether you happen to live in a venerable European inner city, the suburbs of a bustling  Asian metropolis, or a small town out in the corn fields of Illinois USA, we are certain that there is a statue located close to you which has important meaning to you or your community.


At we would be very interested in knowing something about this unique piece.  Does it  commemorate a special person, event, or perhaps  simply grant a bit of whimsy or elegance to it’s special corner?  Won’t you send us a photo and a short commentary so that we too can enjoy and share your Hometown Statue with other statue lovers? We’d like to feature a new piece each month from your hometown to ours!


In 2002, was proud  to create a Hometown Statue for Dexter Missouri  that commemorates one of Dexter’s own, fallen soldiers.  The statue of First Lieutenant George Kenton Sisler, who received a Medal of Honor for bravery during his service in the Vietnam war, was commissioned by his family.


The lengthy process involved in creating a complex sculpture such as this from a few initial photographs through the stages of clay sculpting of  prototype, molding, casting and finishing can be viewed in our Portfolio section of 



Our custom shop is available for all your custom statuary needs.  Especially within the range of many a budget is our Portrait Bust service where we can capture the likeness of a beloved child, animal, family member, or personal hero for the cost of $970 (12”) to  life-size at $1,970 (24”).


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