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Statue of Liberty

American’s most iconic statue has been quite lonely since it was closed for a face lift in October of 2011. A day after it’s opening, October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy spread her wrath over the East Coast preventing her from visitors once again. The Statue of Liberty was spared direct damage but Liberty Island was not so lucky. An estimated $59 million worth of damage was done to her habitat. Flooding encompassed 75 percent of the island, destroying Lady Liberty’s electrical and communication systems. Visitors have since been forced to admire her beauty from afar while the damage is being repaired. To make matters worse, between the fiscal cliff and budget cuts caused by the sequester it was not looking good for the reopening of Lady Liberty.

However, there is good news! Despite all of the chaos, the National Park Service has announced the national monument will reopen on July 4th, 2013.  We at Statue.com cannot think of a better way to celebrate the nation’s birthday. We have many Statue of Liberty replicas in our inventory to add spice to your own celebration. We even have a Statue of Liberty Snowman if you need a little cool on the upcoming hot days. 

Tell us: Have you visited our Lady of Liberty? What did you take away from the experience? 

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Lincoln and Tad Sculpture by David Frech

Lincoln and Tad Sculpture by David Frech

I just saw the Lincoln movie and after Daniel Day-Lewis won for best actor.  Just had to added this Lincoln and Tad at a sale price at www.statue.com.  This replica is just one of our large collection of  Lincoln statues we offer, we have Lincoln busts, Lincoln Life Masks, replicas of his hand, Young Lincoln bust and many other collectables of Lincoln statuary.

Lincoln and Tad Sculpture by David Frech.

This reproduction of Abraham Lincoln and his son, Tad, is by the by David Frech. The United States Historical Society commissioned the bronze life-sized statue and donated it to the National Park Service. It is located at the Tredegar site of the Civil War Visitor Center in Richmond, Virginia, where the President came in peace “to bind up the nation’s wounds” at the end of the Civil War. Lincoln scholars, historians, and art critics are equally enthusiastic about the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Capital of the Confederacy. Made in the USA. Plaque states: Abraham Lincoln and Tad, Richmond, VA, April 5, 1865.

Replica Lincoln and Tad Sculpture by David Frech at Statue.com


Statue.com new bust of Greek warrior sculpture of Hoplite

This wonderful replica of the Greek Hoplite Warrior bust will bring back the love of Ancient Greece to your decor. The Greek Hoplites were the most feared soldiers of the 7th through mid-4th centuries B.C. Armed with long spears for stabbing, short swords, helmets and heavy shields, they charged the enemy in close formation. Holding a shield in one hand, they advanced in an unbroken line, presenting the opponent with a barricade of spears. Their helmets were designed to protect the face and throat, an otherwise easy target. Many helmets had distinctive nose pieces and elaborate horse-hair crests. Body armor was created with bronze and leather. This warrior wears an early Corinthian Hoplite helmet with characteristic cheek guards designed to cover the face.


Here at Statue.com, we can reconstruct just about any statue you might choose to have repaired. A customer has entrusted us with a very sentimental statue that was accidentally, badly, broken and we will show the steps on its reparation. The first step is to assess the extent of the damage and try to evaluate what procedure to follow,

For years people and even scientists have tried to solve have the Giant Easter Island of the Moai Sculptures arrived at their destination. These statues had to be move 11 miles away from a quarry where they where carved, and did not use wheels, cranes or large animals.

Scientist has had May ideas and they had thought the islanders use ropes, log roller and wooden sledges.  Recently two archaeologist came up with a new theory that the Moai where made to move upright using only rope to make the statues walk or should I say walk?  As seen in the video.


University of Hawaii and California State University Long Beach have worked closely with these archaeologist Sergio Rapu, who’s part of the South Pacific island’s population of indigenous Rapanui, to develop their idea.  D-shaped bases could have allowed workers to roll and rock the moai side to side and walk it 11 Miles. Pretty cool and love the video of the theory in action. So do you think the Easter Island statues walked? Or do you have your own theory?

Check out our replicas of these Easter Island Sculptures at www.Statue.com or click on the photo.Image



As one passes a Lawn Jockey in someones yard, welcoming us up to the front door, what are our thoughts? Do we simply think what a lovely statue? or does one wonder what is its history? Why a jockey? what did he represent? why is he black or white?

One of the stories surrounding the Lawn Jockey is that on a icy cold December night  in 1776  George Washington wanted to cross the Delaware to launch a surprise attack on the British in Trenton. An African-American little young boy wanted to fight the Redcoats too but Washington deemed him too young. He ordered him to stay and guard the horses making sure to keep the lantern burning so that the troops would know where to return. The story goes that many hours later when the troops returned, so devoted to Washington was this young bo, that he had not moved from his position and he had frozen on the spot, with the lantern frozen in his hand. George Washington was so moved by his devotion that he had a statue created to commemorate the “Faithful Groomsman” and he stands in Grave’s honor on the General’s estate in Mount Vernon.

During the Civil War allot of these statues could be found on the Southern Plantations and it became known as a guiding star for the Underground Railroad. A green ribbon attached to the statues arm indicated that the house was safe and red meant danger, that the owners were NOT sympathetic to their cause.

People, not aware of the history of the Lawn Jockey, and not wanting to cause offense, started representing the statue as a white boy. So now you can find him representing both races.

Check out our Rainman Series of statuary to add a little touch of whimsy to your garden decor. They are well made here in the United States of cast concrete and available in five different finishes.

  1. Anatomical Study of Flayed Male L'ecorche by Houdon

    Here is a wonderful Drawing Cast for sale at http://www.Statue.com
    This is one of many Artist cast we offer!

    Anatomical Study of Flayed Male L’ecorche by Houdon. Anatomical Study (Houdon’s studio, late 18th century). In Rome, the young Houdon was given the opportunity to study human anatomy extensively thanks to a surgeon. In 1767, he modeled the famous L’ecorche, an anatomical study of a flayed male which allowed the muscles to be observed in detail. Soon afterward, every self-respecting academy in Europe had a copy of the sculpture which was freely reproduced in countless versions.Part of our Museum Collection of noteworthy museum statues, paintings and cultural artifacts. Houdon Anatomical Male Sculpture reproduction is made from resin with a bronze finish and measures 10 H x 4.5 W x 2.75 D.

    Hippocrates Bust 23" HighOne of our customers created two beautiful charcoal drawing of Hippocrates.  He used a solid white drawing cast model of Hippocrates for these exquisite works of art.  We welcome our customers to share how they use our products in creating works of art or in decorating their home, garden or business.

Please share any other drawings that have used are drawing cast with us:  hippocrates_drawing_cast1hippocrates_drawingcast2

Nineteenth century Art instruction often included the use of sculptural models as teaching aids for drawing, painting and sculpture study, known as Drawing Casts to emphasize the study of form and the visual effect that light and shadow had on these forms. A recent resurgence of interest in the use of these aids to teach art fundamentals has inspired Statue.com to create a collection of Artist Cast in a bonded stone or Plaster and finished in museum white, these classical cast are a staple for Art Studios, Schools, and Universities. Statue.com is proud to offer this high quality drawing casts as “tools of the trade,” maintaining the high tradition of a classical art training. Artists, Teachers, Designers and Decorators alike will appreciate the beauty in pure geometry, and we expect these shapes may even be displayed as accents of sculptural form and balance simply as design elements in your studio, learning institution or the aspiring artist.


Seems like the Classical Statue fall away in the younger generation but if they have traveled to Europe they find a new found love of Art History. Working in the statuary business it always interest me in finding out something new in a Classical Historical sculpture such as this Faun playing Scabellum in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Graeco-Roman statue. This striking version of the dancing satyrs, Pan, of Greek mythology has a completely human form. The Roman version of the dancing satyrs is called the dancing faun. In Greek mythology the dancing satyrs is known for his dancing, singing, laughter and chasing nymphs through the woods. Greek Mythology Satyrs the Dancing Satyrs was called Pan or Hylaeos, the forest god and guardian of the shepherds who worshipped Dionysus, the god of wine. Statues of the dancing satyrs range from a human form with the head and legs of a goat to a normal human form. The dancing satyrs, Pan, were the son of Hermes and Penelope, and born inArcady. The Dancing Satyrs was at home in the woods and enjoyed chasing the woodland nymphs. Pan would play the pipes and the nymphs would spend hours dancing and singing. Satyrs are always present at a Dionysus banquet or party, Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and ecstasy. The story of how Pan invented the pan pipes, which is similar to the pan flute, is an interesting mythological story. Pan was a joyful Satyr who loved dancing and playing on the shepherd’s pipe in the woods. One day Pan saw the nymph Syrinx and started after her. She ran until she came to a river. Syrinx turned into one of the reeds that lined the bank of the river. Pan could not recognize her so he grabbed a hand full of reeds hoping he could capture Syrinx, but he was unable to locate her. So Pan sat down beside the river and started tying the reeds together and soon he found that blowing over the ends made a beautiful sound, and it became known as the Pipes of Pan or a Seven Reed Shepherds Pipe. Faun is shown here playing the Scabellum which is a musical clapper that is operated by foot as depicted in the Greek and Roman Antiquities here with this Faun Sculpture. For years I have been selling this sculpture and knew what was under his foot! Now I know it is a musical Instrument. Not sure how it worked but it awesome to see I can find out something new from a Classic Sculpture I been selling for years. We at Statue.com have been provide Classical Sculptures since 1996 on the internet and it fun to find out new info on our statuary and Blog it!

Not only is it a new year, but it is also exciting to watch a new presidential family moving into the American White House. I got a kick out of this Wikipedia photo from the Oval Office, Oval Office from above, Wikipediaand a bit of history about the decorative changes various presidents made in this famous office.  Being in the statuary business, I’m interested to hear what art work President-elect Obama will bring in to take the place of President Bush’s Remington sculptures.

This is the  perfect season for you too, to  bring in striking visual changes to your home or office.  Oval Office ceiling medallionSoon Mr. Obama will be looking up to see this patriotic eagle ceiling medallion with an Art Moderne touch.  How about this one below for your office?  afarcm818 Or perhaps the   absolutely brilliant golden focal point  for your dining room ceiling!?



We sell oodles of ceiling medallions in   different shapes, sizes and colors at Statue.com.

Make a statement.  Be the king or queen of your own domain!

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