We are a small group of hard-working people with vision and purpose.  Statue.com was created  in 1994, and is quite possibly the very first online statuary business! It continues today as one of the world’s largest, offering a selection in excess of 7,000 pieces.  Frankly, we’ve lost track! We offer ever growing collections of statues, fountains and related decor for your home, garden and office.

Gloria Schlueter, founding partner is a fourth generation statue maker whose Italian great-uncle worked at the turn of the century as a mold maker for the British Museum.  The statuary business is in her genes!  

Our rich heritage, experience in marketing statuary, warm customer service, along with our many creative skills, will ensure your confidence in any product or service from Statue.com.

Gloria currently operates Statue.com from the century old Bohm building on historic Route 66 in downtown Edwardsville, IL.  Although the majority of our products will ship to you from various warehouses located throughout the US, we maintain a small stock of products here should you need to stop in and purchase a quick gift of statuary.  The restoration of the  historic Bohm building and the commitment to Statue.com are shared by the whole Statue.com Team. 


Together,  we are committed in our efforts to assure that anyone who deals in any way with Statue.com, will recognize that they are  personally important to us.   We want to meet your needs to the very best of our ability!

Thank you for your interest in Statue.com.   We are grateful and depend on YOU,  for our continued success!

Call us today.  How can we make your dreams come true?

(618) 692-1121  Toll free in the US:  (877) 675-2634


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Anne Says:

    I am excited about the possibilities.

  2. Stacey Lewis Says:

    I have an old, possibly bronze statue of a discus thrower. I did not find anything like it at all online. It does not have the features like the others, as it is very plain. Have you ever heard of this sculpture? Is it possibly just a novelty. It is very heavy! Just curious, I love it!

    1. statuecom Says:

      Hello Stacey,
      No I have not heard of it, but would be interested in seeing a photo if you have one.

  3. ALLAN HALL Says:



    1. statuecom Says:

      Hello Allan,
      We do some custom work. Please give us a call at 618-692-1121. We would be glad to discuss with you.

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