Statue Meme

“There are so many marbleous statues in Greece… but a lot of people take them for granite.”

Have you seen the statue memes floating around on the internet? We have a few pinned on our Pinterest page. In case you are not familiar with a ‘meme,’ in this instance it takes the form of an image that is usually humorous and is viral on the internet.

The David Michelangelo’s Favorite Meme ‘David with Surfboard’

Honestly, I love a good meme. I might even be addicted. What is not to love about a lighthearted chuckle? In addition to the hilarity, they are really fun to create. Check out The David’s awesome sun glasses and surfboard. He is ready for a day at the beach.

While these images are all in good fun, it is important to remember the artistry behind the actual sculptures. Sculptors of all different ages poured their souls into their creations. They were artistic geniuses of their time. A good laugh is always nice but we do take their artistic creations seriously. The heart and soul of the sculptor’s vision is what is all about. We would never want to belittle that. So, we love a good laugh but we equally love the meaning behind the statuary. Like everything in life there needs to be a good balance.

What do you think: statue memes funny or do they undermine the artistic genius?

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