Emilie Floge Portrait Statue

Gustav Klimt’s posthumous monetary success surpasses any other painter, even that of Picasso. With the exception of his early works, Klimt’s subjects were predominately women. Little is known about his relationship with the women for whom he painted. He never kept a diary nor did he live a public life. His friendship with Emilie Floge did not come to light until well after his death when letters were found between the two friends. It is much debated whether there was more to their friendship. However, the letters do not provide much more information beyond day to day life.

We do know from his paintings, the pair were close. The Emilie Floge Portrait Statue reproduction is from an earlier period of Klimt’s work; prior to his “Golden Phase.” Emilie Floge was a fashion designer, her creations were illustrated strikingly in Klimt’s paintings. He captured the vivid colors and elegance of her style beautifully. Whether they were friends or lovers, his affection towards Emilie Floge can be felt through his paintings.

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss Sculpture

It is rumored Emilie Floge was the inspiration behind his most famous work “The Kiss.” There is no evidence to back this claim. Frankly, it does not matter.  The stunning artwork speaks volumes. The sculptural reproduction in Statue.com’s gallery falls under the Lovers Category for a good reason. Love and adoration oozes from this work. One can almost feel the warmth from the lovers’ embrace.

This piece was highly controversial at the time, even being sited as pornographic. Despite the controversy, the painting was quickly sold. “The Kiss” comes from Klimt’s “Golden Phase,” he painted with oil and used golden leafing to provide texture and definition. It is known that he derived inspiration of this technique from his visit to Venice. From this trip he would develop the style that would define his work.

Hope II Women Expecting Child

It is not often artists are able to achieve fame while alive, however Klimt’s fame afforded him the ability to be selective over his patrons. His methods were painstaking and required long sitting times for his subjects. Despite his fame, he led a quiet life. He had many affairs with the women who posed to be his subjects. It is said he fathered at least 14 children. It is hard to imagine he was able to avoid scandal with his extracurricular actives.

Klimt wanted his life to be seen through his work. “I have never painted a self-portrait. I am less interested in myself as a subject for a painting than I am in other people, above all women… There is nothing special about me. I am a painter who paints day after day from morning to night… Who ever wants to know something about me… ought to look carefully at my pictures.” (Whitford, Frank (1990), Klimt, Thames and Hudson)

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