Apollo Belvedere Lost Wax Bronze Statue

Have you heard the expression “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?” Well, the Greeks must have been blushing by the Romans’ flattery in the late fourth century, B.C. The Romans, at the time, were going through a period of wealth and expansion. They were mesmerized by Greek high society and copied their art forms. Among those forms, was sculpture. Don’t get me wrong, Romans produced their own conception of statuary and the like. Often the Romans would take a Greek statue, alter the face or make a change to assimilate the piece of art into their own culture. Over time the sculptures were in such high demand they would be mass produced and lose the meaning the Greeks intended, other then the aesthetic value.

Today, we are grateful for the Roman’s fascination with Greek artwork. Since Greek statuary was mostly in bronze, a good portion of the sculpture was melted down for use of the precious metal. Without Roman reproductions in marble the Greek bronze sculptures would have been lost in time. It is pretty cool to think the Romans preserved sculpture that even predated them by 500 years.

An example of a statue sculpted by the Ancient Greeks and copied by the Romans would be the Apollo Belvedere Lost Wax Bronze Statue. This famous classic bronze statue, was discovered in ruins of Pompey’s theater near Rome in the late 1400’s, and believe to be a Roman copy of the Greek sculptor, Leochares original bronze statue. Once in the private collection of Pope Julius II, it was moved to the Vatican in 1509 and placed in the Cortile del Belvedere, from which it derives its name. Our bronze Apollo statue is rife with fine detail from the draped robe to the sandaled feet. This 19th century French Bronze fully restored rendition of Apollo, has just overtaken the serpent Python, and just released a arrow from his bow. The effort impressed on his musculature still lingers. Apollo represents harmony, order, and reason and was considered the greatest ancient sculpture and for centuries epitomized ideals of aesthetic perfection for Europeans and westernized parts of the world.

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