Archer Rhiannon Garden Fairy Sculpture

Fairies have been spreading their mischief in folklore, literature and art for centuries. The Fairies we have in’s gallery are derived from Victorian Era. The commonly heard term Fairy Tale was also derived from this time. Within the Victorian Era there was a battling between Gothic and Classical styles. This blend can be seen in the Archer Rhiannon Garden Fairy Sculpture. The way she has her bow drawn is purely classical but yet her wings give off a more Gothic vibe.

Celtic Fairy Perilous Perch

 The Celtic Fairy Perilous Perch sculpture weighs more heavily on the Gothic realm. With her crouch and expression it appears she is up to no good. She also appears to be more on the darker side of mischief. There are many different themes of Fairies. Some folklore holds Fairies tiny trouble makers whereas other variations fairies are mortal threat to humans.  I certainly would not want rub this Celtic Fairy the wrong way.

The Art Nouveau movement during the late 19th century would also embrace Fairies in a more classical style. Art Nouveau  embodied curved lines and natural movement. Art Nouveau was an important transition from Early 19th Century and 20th Century modernist styles.

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Fairy Morning Glory Art Nouveau Statue

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