George Carruth is an American sculptor who is famous for his sculptures, packed with personality and charm. Carruth has been sculpting for over thirty years; moving from sculpting as a hobby to committing to it as a career. His sculptures include vegetables , animals, holiday themes, and flowers. Almost always, his creations include a friendly face.  His sculptures are a favorite of ours at We wanted to share with you some of our favorites!

The Garden Plaque Collection

Garden Smile- Evolved over the years into a signature piece of sculptor Carruth. While creating this sculpture Carruth captured the best of nature and mankind in a peaceful organic format. Perfect gifts to gardeners, or simply something peaceful and serene to hang indoors. Garden Smile always give it viewer a warm winking smile makes everyone feel welcomed.

The Seasonal Collection

Nativity Snowflake Wall Plaque- A very creative way to showcase the Holy Family. Bring Christmas cheer to any fireplace or entry way.

The Veggie & Fruit Collection

Peary Winkle Pear Sculpture- with a grin this toothy, who can resist smiling back? This jolly pear sculpture adds some humor to any kitchen or garden. His stony finish looks great both indoors and out, and he’s a fun gift to give.

The Animal Collection

Bashful Bunny Sculpture-What could be more charming than a traditional bunny statue in your flower bed. Bunny statuary has always been a popular addition to natural settings. This bashful bunny quietly hides in the ivy, waiting to welcome visitors. Rabbits can get into mischief, but this stone bunny rabbit is well behaved.

The Flower Collection

Blossom & Bud-What a lovely botanical mother child sculpture. Look closely to see the sweet expressions on both of their faces.

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