Oh wine,  sweet nectar of the Gods. No, seriously, in Greek and Roman mythology Dionysus and Bacchus were the patron Gods of wine in their respective mythology. Now there is a civilization after my own heart. I am quite a bit of a wine enthusiast. Although, I mainly stick to dry reds so a better description might be a ‘dry red wine enthusiast.’ Statue.com’s wine decor and accessories do not discriminate from red to white wine though. Any of it would suit a wine enthusiast’s heart desire. Here are my favorite picks to wine over any wine enthusiast’s heart.

1.) This beautiful wine cabinet is easy on the eye and provides a great place to set and store your drink.

Wine Cabinet

2.) This Wine Connoisseur is sure to spark a lively conversation and dress up any table.  Let him hang on to your wine bottle will you enjoy spending time with your guests.

Sitting Connoisseur On a Barrel of Wine

3.) Celebrate wine by including classical art in your home. Bacchus of Wine by Michelangelo is a great piece for any wine enthusiast or lover of art.

Bacchus of Wine by Michelangelo

4.) This decorative grape plaque makes a great accent to any wine cellar or bar. A perfect gift for yourself or someone that love wine or this precious fruit.

Decorative Grape Wall Plaque

5.) Another beautiful piece of classical sculpture honoring Bacchus God of Wine that is sure to add character to any kitchen, bar or wine cellar.

Bacchus Wine God

To view our other wine themed pieces in our fine gallery, head on over to our website www.statue.com. If you have something in mind but cannot find it on the website feel free to contact us. Our excellent products coupled with our outstanding customer service ensures Statue.com is the best business for statuary and other fine goods.

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