Angel Weathervane offers a wide variety of angelic statuary,  fountains and decor. All of our Angels have wings. However, did you know the earliest Judeo-Christian image of an angel did not have wings? Angels, as we know them, did not appear to have wings until 379-395 AD.  This important addition was noted by Saint John Chrysostom, “They manifest a nature’s sublimity. That is why Gabriel is represented with wings. Not that angels have wings, but that you may know that they leave the heights and the most elevated dwelling to approach human nature. Accordingly, the wings attributed to these powers have no other meaning than to indicate the sublimity of their nature.”  The spiritual being, an “Angel” is envisioned as sacred intermediary between mortals and the Divine. Our Gallery of Angel Statues has many sculptural depictions to small figurines to life-size angels of this comforting images.

Archangel Gabriel

In terms of their clothing, Angels are depicted in a wide variety of styles. Archangel Gabriel wears military inspired garb.  Gabriel is the Angel of annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death and revelation. Gabriel is the ruler of heaven and ruler of the Cherubim. Gabriel is said to sit on the left hand side of God. Muhammad claimed it was Gabriel who dictated to him the Koran. In Jewish legend it was Gabriel who dealt death and destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah. Gabriel appeared to Daniel to tell him of the coming of a Messiah: a message which later he repeats to Mary in the annunciation. All of these characteristics transcend through his depicted imagery.

Praying Angel Garden Sculpture With Sculpted Roses

Other Angels in’s collection have long flowing gowns and robes. They are often praying or shown holding a trumpet. These angles are most often considered messengers to mankind. Whatever your need, provides a wide representation of Angelic statuary, sculptures and even fountains.

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