Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s co-founder Gloria has been around statuary a long, long time. Me? I confess, I am sort of a newbie. The more I research and read about the history of statuary for blogs, the more I learn just how integral statuary is to history.

Take for example the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s Bust, without this sculpture we would not have a three-dimensional idea of her appearance. Sure, there are hieroglyphics and other carvings giving a brief glimpse of her existence but it is this bust that gives us a remarkable look at this historical woman. A strong neckline and pointed features are caught in the sculpture as a moment in time; making her personable but also regal. Little is known about the Egyptian Queen, however her bust has been one of the most recreated pieces of Egyptian art. This is a testament of the importance and beauty of this piece. How cool that you can bring a replica of a work-of-art that existed over three-thousand years ago into your home for every day appreciation?

Beethoven Bust Prometheus Portrait

The busts of great music composers are another example of capturing a face in time. I found it interesting the use of a ‘life mask’ was used in creating one of the most famous Beethoven’s bust. This method captures the intensity of the famous musician. From the bust you can see his wild hair, furrowed eyebrows and stern expression. It appears as though Beethoven is contemplating his next masterpiece nearly two-hundred years after his existence.  Of course Beethoven’s music lives on but so does his presence thanks in part to this sculpture.

Lincoln Sculptural Bust

Presidential Busts are another example of using sculpture to capture time. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois has a series of busts through his tenure as president. It is particularly interesting and apparent the stress that weighed on President Lincoln through the course of his term. Bags under his eyes, increasing wrinkles, the weight of the world was on his shoulders, all captured through sculpture. The change in appearance is true for all presidents but Lincoln’s example is exceptional.  These busts are not exclusive to museums, offers a fine gallery of presidential busts.

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