Art is amazing in so many different ways. Taking a step past the aesthetics,  art transcends time, seizing what life looked like before advent of the camera. Jean-Antoine Houdon was a master sculptor and a fine example of an artist capturing a moment in time.

Houdon was a preeminent sculptor during the Enlightenment. He influence was diverse in naturalism, the art of antiquity, and the Baroque. The combination of these styles made his work stand out from his peers. Houdon was responsible for many great portraits of political, intellectual, military figures of his time. Without these pieces the world would be deprived a clear image of his subjects. The famous people Houdon portrayed in his sculptures include Benjamin Franklin, Marie Antoinette, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Through, you too can own a piece of history. Our Houdon busts come in many different finishes; sure to look beautiful in any home, gallery or library.



“What a marvel it is! It is the personification of Malice. See! His sidelong glance seems watching some adversary. Voltaire has the pointed nose of a fox. You can see it quiver! And the mouth – what a triumph! It is framed by two furrows of irony. It seems to mumble sarcasms” ~The Great Sculptor Rodin

Benjamin Franklin

No other sculptor quite captured Benjamin Franklin like Houdon

George Washington

The George Washington six-inch marble finish polystone bust pays tribute to the first president of the United States.