Growing up in Chicago and born into making statuary. This first time I laid my eye on a sculpture of a green-man I was unsure what this leafy man was, thought it had come from a relic of a old building or just some sort of architectural decoration. After a few year of making the botanical sculpture and we just had one mold of this unique creature. I had discovered it was a replica made originally by Michelangelo and was called the Florentine Man Wall plaque sculpture. This replica captures all the beauty of the original Renaissance relief carved by Michelangelo as part of his design for the Laurentian Library in Florence.


Michelangelo’s Florentine Man Wall plaque Sculpture at

Now if you check us we have grown to many styles of greenmen and have artist sculpted their own interpretation or adaptions of the greenmen wall hangings, We even have green lady wall plaques