October 2012


Statue.com new bust of Greek warrior sculpture of Hoplite

This wonderful replica of the Greek Hoplite Warrior bust will bring back the love of Ancient Greece to your decor. The Greek Hoplites were the most feared soldiers of the 7th through mid-4th centuries B.C. Armed with long spears for stabbing, short swords, helmets and heavy shields, they charged the enemy in close formation. Holding a shield in one hand, they advanced in an unbroken line, presenting the opponent with a barricade of spears. Their helmets were designed to protect the face and throat, an otherwise easy target. Many helmets had distinctive nose pieces and elaborate horse-hair crests. Body armor was created with bronze and leather. This warrior wears an early Corinthian Hoplite helmet with characteristic cheek guards designed to cover the face.

For those looking for heirloom quality and exceptional craftsmanship these bonded carrara marble and alabaster pieces are the right choice.  They make wonderful gifts or can be beautiful additions to your own private collection. These heirloom quality pieces are timeless and will be passed down for generations.   Egregia is the last bastion of an era of quality once expected by all, yet waning today.

A new shipment is due in from Italy this fall and we need to make room on our shelves for new inventory. For a limited time, we are offering a 20% discount on these exquisite classical reproductions to our existing customers until October 31, 2012.  

If you are looking for that perfect piece, choosing Egregia will keep the craftsmanship and quality alive for years to come.



It that time of the year again to start thinking about winterzing your fountain and statuary.

You can purchase a fountain cover at www.Statue.com


Fountain and Sculpture Cover protect your outdoor treasures from ice, rain snow with our weather resistant cover. Made from tough woven polyethylene, this quality waterproof cover offers protection fro damaging winter weather conditions. Specially shaped for outdoor fountains. Great for outdoor sculptures. U.V. stabilized for longer life. Nylon drawstring cord secures cover to object. Wipe clean surface. Easy to use. Four sizes available to better fit your fountain or sculpture.Image