Shop our life-size sculptures at We have just about any kind of life-size statue from Greek and Roman classical statuary to Whimsical Life-size to Knights and Egyptian Guardians and other Life size figures.


Many of or larger than life sculptures are show stoppers. So if your looking to make a impact in your décor for your home, garden or business, will have a life-size sculpture the will meet your theme and decorating needs.


Diana and Apollo life-size set includes both bases. Diana and Apollo are shown as the Goddess of Hunt and God of Hunt. Are also known for beauty. This classic composition of muscled warrior and the beautiful sculpted woman really create a focal point of any home or garden. Great as this set they look at each other for flanking your entry way. also offer sculpting, molding services so if you need a custom made life-size sculpture we can make it for you! If you need a custom sculpture of you or a famous person we can do that!