November 2008

Gathering around the table. awpwm35337101 That’s what I think of when I reminisce about my childhood Thanksgivings.  

I have long admired how some people seem to have retained a vast storehouse of  detailed memories from  childhood, while I feel I recall just very small snippets of odd things.   If I  squint really hard at my youthful holidays, I see  my family gathered around the Scrabble table.

Nautical theme Chess Set

Nautical theme Chess Set

 I don’t remember the Thanksgiving food, or the plates, or even the holiday  decor (save for those fun 60’s Pilgrim and Indian candles.)  My mind is funny that way. 

 I know the spread was beautiful & tasty  (knowing my Mom:), but boy did I enjoy those games of Scrabble!

So.  Gather round the holiday game table.  Perhaps this is the Thanksgiving or Christmas to teach  those kids of yours the game of chess.  Entice them with some different characters from our chess collection.

Endangered Species Chess Set

Endangered Species Chess Set


  We’re doing it once again, at my house.  We’re just like cats come November, jostling for the warmest spots in the house.  Ever since the furnace got turned on about a week ago, my family and I are found reading, doing homework, and sometimes just  thinking, on the best two heat registers in the house.

aiapac0593 Although we don’t have an actual fireplace at home,  another great  way to warm up is to light a candle. Always in the cold seasons we are drawn to the comfort of a flickering flame.  It warms us somewheres deep inside.

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aiapac0851There is no  single home decor item that will enliven a room more quickly, and imbue the spirit with such good cheer (except for maybe a bottle of Champagne 🙂   Sparkle and twinkle your way through the holiday seasons!

inital clay build up is pleased to be one of the first companies to offer a statue of our new President Elect Barack Obama!  It is a beautiful thing to see a boy or girl grow to become not only  a good man, a fine woman, but also a long awaited leader.

To make a portrait bust such as this one, from  the rudimentary build-up of clay, the details that distinguish each of our faces must be  teased out of the mass.   This reminds me of life!   Seeking paths, finding niches, and thus building our destinies.

finding the forms

finding the forms

It never ceases to amaze me that though most of us have all the same facial parts, 2 eyes, 2 ears, one nose, one mouth, the measureable difference in their arrangements creates such an overall unique face!

The creative process is a dream seeking forms–becoming something real, visible & meaningful.

In the words of our soon to be 44th President:



Barack Obama Bust

Barack Obama Bust

“We are the change that we seek. We are the hope of those boys who have so little, who’ve been told that they cannot have what they dreamed, that they cannot be what they imagine. 

Yes, they can.”

~Barack Obama