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We are a small group of hard working people with vision and purpose. was created  in 1994, and is quite possibly the very first online statuary business! It  continues today as one of the world’s largest, offering a selection in excess of 7,000 pieces.  Frankly, we’ve lost track!    We offer evergrowing collections of statues, fountains, and related decor for your home, garden and office.

Gloria  Schlueter, founding partner along with Andrew Schlueter, is a fourth generation statue maker whose Italian great uncle worked  at the turn of the century as a mold maker for the British Museum.  The statuary business is in her genes! Andrew brings to the company his technical degree in Computer business, and a Renaissance mind, forever engaged in idea building.

Another   important  aspect of is  the valuable and unique creative service we provide, which includes custom commissioned works; mold making and casting; repair and restoration; refinishing; and consulting.

Our rich heritage, experience marketing statuary, warm customer service, along with our many creative skills,   will ensure your confidence in any product or service from

Gloria and Andrew currently operate from their offices in the nearly century old Bohm building on historic Route 66 in downtown Edwardsville, IL.  Although the majority of our products will ship to you from various warehouses located  throughout the US, we maintain a small stock of products here should you need to stop in &  purchase a quick gift of statuary.  The restoration of the  historic Bohm building and the commitment to are shared with Donna, Robert, Lydia, Carol, and Anne.


Together,  we are committed in our efforts to assure that  anyone who deals in any way  with, will  recognize that they are  personally important to us.   We want to meet your  needs  to the very best of our abilites!



Thank you for your interest in   We are grateful, and depend on YOU,  for our continued success!


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Downtown Edwardsville, IL

Bohm Building, Downtown Edwardsville, IL


A Modern Discus Thrower – The Olympic Games were first held in the year 776 B.C. In July of every fourth year men came together from all over the Greek world to participate in the athletic contests. Although there was great rivalry and intense competition among the athletes and their sponsoring city-states, the sacred games established a spirit of friendship and unity. Before the opening of each festival a sacred truce was called; throughout the land al fighting ceased. The games continued at Olympia until their abolishment by the Emperor Theodosius in 394 A.D., more than one thousand years after they had been established.


In 1896 the tradition was resumed. The participating nations felt that it was appropriate that the revival should take place in Greece where the games first took place. The great stadium in Athens was modernized for the event and a contemporary statue of a discus thrower by Dimitriades was placed directly facing the stadium. Throwing of the discus had been, as it is today, one of the five events of the original pentathlon. The Modern Discobulus above, was inspired by that of the Dimitriades to reaffirm the ancient Greek belief that the body of man is glorious, as is his spirit.


Although the classic Discobulus by Myron was cast in bronze, offers this  lovely  version in a beautiful white,  bonded stone.


The Discus Thrower by Santini

The Discus Thrower by Santini




                              by e.e. cummings

 (ponder,  darling, these busted statues

of yon motheaten forum be aware

notice what hath remained

–the stone cringes

clinging to the stone, how obsolete

lips utter their extant smile. . . .



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or meaning monuments and dolls


resist Them Greediest Paws of careful

time all of which is extremely

unimportant) whereas Life


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business. . . . even so,let us make haste

—consider well this ruined aqueduct



which used to lead something into somewhere)



Sculpting clay prototype

Sculpting clay prototype




Whether you happen to live in a venerable European inner city, the suburbs of a bustling  Asian metropolis, or a small town out in the corn fields of Illinois USA, we are certain that there is a statue located close to you which has important meaning to you or your community.


At we would be very interested in knowing something about this unique piece.  Does it  commemorate a special person, event, or perhaps  simply grant a bit of whimsy or elegance to it’s special corner?  Won’t you send us a photo and a short commentary so that we too can enjoy and share your Hometown Statue with other statue lovers? We’d like to feature a new piece each month from your hometown to ours!


In 2002, was proud  to create a Hometown Statue for Dexter Missouri  that commemorates one of Dexter’s own, fallen soldiers.  The statue of First Lieutenant George Kenton Sisler, who received a Medal of Honor for bravery during his service in the Vietnam war, was commissioned by his family.


The lengthy process involved in creating a complex sculpture such as this from a few initial photographs through the stages of clay sculpting of  prototype, molding, casting and finishing can be viewed in our Portfolio section of 



Our custom shop is available for all your custom statuary needs.  Especially within the range of many a budget is our Portrait Bust service where we can capture the likeness of a beloved child, animal, family member, or personal hero for the cost of $970 (12”) to  life-size at $1,970 (24”).


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